Description: The Dhel Thach trek is one of the most magnificent trek into the GHNP. It’s is vast meadow located near a pass that connects the Tirthan to the Sainj valley, making it approachable from either side.
If your purpose is to reach Dhel only, you can start from Niharni in the Sainj valley, reach in 2 or 3 days and come back in 2 days. So the minimum time to enjoy this trek could be considered between four to five days according to feasibility.
Reaching Dhel is an amazing experience however it would add more value explore nearby spots as well. Dhel in itself can be considered as your basecamp and at the basecamp you can either rest and enjoy the wilderness alongwith the landscape, or you could explore the area, reach the nearby hill tops.
Dhel is so peaceful that you naturally meditate to it or consider it for yoga per say.