Description: It is an extraordinary hike towards the top with scenic views at each step. You have to be observant enough and soak in the serenity and beauty of the nature. You mustn’t miss the changing colours of the sky as if painted by God himself! While walking towards it, you will come across a bamboo forest of a typical high altitude. Don’t forget to carry one of your own DIY hiking stick to support you on the way. Another interesting thing about the trek is the possibility of spotting wildlife along the way since it is an abode to many species for which you will have to be alert throughout. The path becomes steeper and leads to the mighty Rakhundi top.

Hold your breath to a 360 degree view over the Tirthan Valley. Rakhundi has a sacred place of worship for the locals and is significant to them in ways more than one. The setting of the place is ornamented with beautiful fabrics and the stone deity by the locals. You must pay your homage to the local culture. The vibes you will receive at the place will match all the levels of serenity and tranquility. You can meditate just by looking at the surroundings if you wish to. Connect yourself to the surroundings and witness the panoramic view of the place. Soak in the beauty and breathe in the most fresh air. Feel the energy getting cleansed inside of you and take back a view of a lifetime as souvenir.