Description: Raktisar is the source of the Sainj valley which is a larger and higher catchment basin compared to the Tirthan valley. It is a long trek which would require minimum 7 days in average, but it allows you to enjoy a great diversity of Himalayan Ecosystems from green lush forests of Oak trees to high altitude mountain pastures and glaciers.

The trek starts from Niharni in Sainj valley. It takes about four hours to cover the distance amidst beautiful landscape to Shakti trekker huts. It is an ideal walking day to get accustomed to the trail and the altitude. Shakti is a local village which is a seat to one of the powerful deities of the locals. The tents are pitched up at any comfortable locations nearby. You then enjoy the evening dinner under the mesmerising stars and then retire for the night.

There are two ways to go about on the second day. One can either hike up to Maraur or directly to Parkachi Thach. In case, one camps at Maraur for the night, the day hike can be completed at a relaxed pace. However, if one decides to proceed directly to Parkachi via Maraur in a day, it becomes rather a long walk but an adventurous one! All the meals and other situations are then customised accordingly. Parkachi Thach is located at an altitude where forests fade away to be replaced by beautiful grasses and flowers. Parkachi Thach to Raktisar, we walk above the tree line. The trail thus becomes rocky and steep. The distance however is less but the slope higher.

Raktisar is also an abode for the musk deer, blue sheep, Himalayan Tahr and even the Snow Leopards around Raktisar. Camping here at Raktisar is an amazing experience. It is chilly yet cozy if you’re wearing your comfortable clothes. It is located in the deep heart of the GHNP and is the source of the Sainj river. It is also the meeting point of two large glaciers. You can also witness the deep crevices in both the converging valleys. It is a magical space through the starlight which gets reflected through the glaciers. It is a stupendous sight to have been a witness to!